Field of Drinks, if you build it the money will come?

bar 22
I smile contently and a little misleading at my life born and bred behind a bar also touting the occasional gourmet fare, right in my own backyard.  I wore a showcase uniform of chain belts, barely there wear, black high heels and the reddest lipstick, alone these would not grow a field of gratuities and these would not make my painstaking paycheck of $5.95 an hour worthwhile.  This was no hospitality undertaking based solely on looks but a business’ calculating massage at my work ethic, endurance, mathematical skills, memory, people skills, tirelessness and loyalty.  I must admit, these stripes were the hardest to earn in a field that many undervalue yet a win-win for myself and the business as we grew and thrived together.

Amidst a constant cloud of cigarette smoke and the resounding bass that forever torments my eardrums, I would witness frequent tears of frustration.  Frustration that they could not fully earn their stripes and frustration that they simply followed the misleading notion that gratifying gratuities were easily attainable.  This industry is not just for the robust at heart but an opportunity to showcase and grow character, work ethic, transferable skills and yes money.

A young introvert turned extrovert overnight I always marvelled at the bar crowd of people joyfully and not so joyfully enjoying their evening and I was one of the conduits.  I put my stripes to the task and embraced all that I was taught in a  work solid fast-paced environment (that should not be taken lightly).  My approach to every shift was to maintain my stripes while selfishly assisting others in gaining and maintaining theirs (the industry is rooted in teamwork and we sink or swim together).  My leadership skills may have been inherent but were definitely solidified at the helm of a hotel bar and restaurant alongside some of the toughest mentors I have had the pleasure of working with.  I would continue to hone my life skills, yes mainly in the field of drinks, and follow a predestined hospitality path to my current position of hospitality marketing.

Follow my weekly (perhaps bi-weekly) blog as I take you on my almost 20 year brazen journey through this tumultuous industry and share my passion as an extension of your pint and plate. The self-improvement accompanied with challenges I faced, enticing my extrovert and neglecting my introvert for the love of food and drink.  Perhaps you can relate or perhaps you will learn to appreciate the day-to-day operations in a field of drinks.







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