Field of Drinks, expansion

fine dining
In 2005, I migrated across my backyard to a new hospitality venture when I decided to expand my knowledge of gourmet fare with a specialty drink flare.  This field expansion made me realize I had a fondness for edible flowers, along with many other eclectic epiphanies.  I increased my misleading smile the minute I was hired, cognizant that these mentors can challenge and increase my hospitality acumen, the minute I graced the door.

My barely there wear suddenly grew quite a few more stitches and my stoic demeanour emerged on a new culinary quest.  Absorbing the beauty of slow-food and the Italian language as a caress on my pre-existing notions of food and drink .  The height of my career (graduation day) was the ability to apply all of my talents and training with most of my senses to serve in complete darkness and succeed unscathed.  I was amazed at the subtle yet necessary knack I had for crumbing a table, elegant napkin folding, polishing an abundance of glassware, proper wine pouring, the impressive importance of generic pen usage (not to offend any patrons that may be business competitors if the pen is branded differently) and many other detail oriented tasks that increased the guest experience and increased my tenacious work ethic.

Coming from an original hospitality setting based on quick patron interactions, in contrast, this artistry of executing a fine dining experience made me feel like a omniscient Italian guru.  It was not just about the task at-hand but a gentle customer coaxing to enjoy quality flavours,  divine decadence, unique thought-provoking selections, and the freshest ingredients melded from scratch or chosen with delectable detail.  A true reflection of this family’s devotion to Italian tradition and the mastery of food and drink, where everyone is included to feast at their table.



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